Claire Forlani, born on July 1st 1972, is the daughter of an Italian father and a British mother. She spent six years learing dance and drama. Claire was cast in a recurring role on the British television series Press Gang and Shrinks in the early '90s, and appeared as Katarina in the film "Gypsy Eyes (a.k.a. CIA Trackdown)", requiring 11-weeks in Croatia shooting for the film. Along with her parents, she reloacted to San Francisco inorder to pursue a film career. It didn't take long for the green-eyed beauty to get her first role in an American production, as Ann Cannon in the television mini-series J,F,K.: "Reckless Youth" in 1993 and the next year she appreared as a young Russian cop in "Police Academy: Misssion to Moscow" - the first time that I saw Ms.Forlani on screen. After a small role in "The Gift", she was given a supporting role in the cult movie "Mallrats". She was cast as 'Brandi Svenning' and the director only knew that she was British after she was offered the role. The second movie of Claire that I saw was "The Rock" in which she appeared for a few minutes as Jade - Sean Connery's daughter. 1996 also saw her in "Basquiat" and in the independent film, "Garage Sale".


In 1997 Claire was given the chance to prove herself in "The Last Time I Committed Suicide". Critics appreciated her role that compensated for previous good performances in disappointing movies. She also had the smarts and confidence to walk off the set of Deep Rising, which could have made her career sink. Claire co-starred with Brad Pitt and Sir Antony Hopkins (she plays his daughter) in "Meet Joe Black". She was now getting the fame and recognition that she truly deserved and was hailed by Vanity Fair as one of 1998's up and comers.

It was rumoured that she walked off the set of "Deep Rising" after disagreeing with the director, a move which seemed foolhardy. Yet Claire Forlani went on to such blockbusters as Meet Joe Black and Mystery Men (while Deep Rising sunk), and now has a reputation for artistic integrity that hasnít hurt a bit. That year she also starred in "Basil" with Christian Slater, and the romantic comedy "Into My Heart (a.k.a. Elements)". The following year Claire joined an A-list cast for the summer film "Mystery Men", and co-starred with Freddie Prinze Jr. in the chick flick "Boys and Girls". Claire can next be seen in the upcoming thriller "Anti-Trust", co-starring Ryan Phillippe and Rachael Leigh Cooke, and the comedy "Going Greek", which is still in the works. "Anti-Trust" is already on the recent U.S. top movies list. She tends to surprise people when they find out that she is not American (she has a perfect American colloquial accent). Off-screen, besides enjoying that reputation for integrity, Forlani hit Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, and Bikini magazine covers, and was listed amongst eOnline's 1998 "Sizzlin' Sixteen". Other than "Anti-trust" her upcoming works are the films "Magicians" & "Johnny Domino".