Greg has recorded three albums with David Lee Roth and toured with Roth, Billy Sheehan and Steve Vai in support of the albums "Eat 'Em And Smile", "Skyscraper & "A Little Ain't Enough". He has also recorded and toured with Frank Gambale and Maynard Ferguson, played on Joe Satriani's "The Extremist", "Time Machine" & "Joe Satriani" albums and on a few tours. He can also be heard on Jason Becker's "Meet Me In The Morning", Richie Kotzen's "Inner Galactic Fusion Experience" and on albums by Steve Bailey, ex-Police guitar player Andy Summers, Gary Hoey, Bette Midler and on Santana's "Supernatural". Greg also has two solo albums "Greg Bissonette" & "Submarine" and the "Siblings"EP. His brother Matt is a bassist and has played and toured with Greg in other bands.

Deen is another one of those quite personalities, who move away from the spotlight and give support to the band leaders, usually the singer or guitar player. He has recorded and toured with Ozzy Osbourne extensively and also with Devin Townsend (former singer with Steve Vai). He has also been a member of the short lived '80s band Bad English and toured with them. His reputation as a sideman to rock's premier guitar maestros was cemented by recording and touring with the likes of Steve Vai (on the 1995 release "Alien Love Secrets"), Marty Friedman (ex-Megadeth), metal shredder James Murphy, Tony MacAlpine, Neal Schon (ex-Journey, Santana) and Ted Nugent. He has also played with producer Richie Zito and Guitar Player Magazine's Mike Varney, who also owns the Shrapnel Records.

Kenny Aronoff is a studio legend. His playing is respected not just among drummers, but also by other famous and successful artists, who have requested Kenny to play on their records. Successful artists like Bob Seger, John Mellencamp, Elton John, operatic rock singer Meat Loaf, Chris Issak and also on the two solo albums ("Blaze Of Glory" and "Destination Anywhere") of Jon Bon Jovi. The readers of the premier drum magazine, "Modern Drummer" have shown their appreciation for Aronoff's talent by voting him as the 'Best Pop/Rock Drummer' in the magazine's yearly poll, for 4 years in a row. He is also on the teaching staff at the University of Indiana, passing on his techniques to future generations of drmmers. Kenny endorses Tama Drums & Meinl Percussion.

Matt Sorum was born on November 16th, 1960 in Long Beach, California. He replaced Steven Adler in Guns n'Roses and was credited by Slash as to keeping the band from breaking up then. Sorum had previously played drums with The Cult, a band that opened for Guns on a previous tour, and with Y Kant Tori Reed, featuring singer Tori Amos. It was with The Cult that the Gunners got to know Matt, and bass player Duff McKagan confessed to hoping for a chance to play with Matt in GnR, in the event of Adler leaving the band before it actually took place. And Sorum's first concert with the band was in front of 125,000 screaming fans at the "Rock In Rio" festival in Brazil. Matt played on the mega selling "Use Your Illusion" I and II and the album of covers "The Spaghetti Incident" and on the world wide tours supporting these albums after which as we all know GnR have entered a peroid of inactivity. Matt toured with Slash's Snakepit in 1995, on whose album "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere" he played. After a successful tour he also contributed to ex-GnR rythum guitarist Gilby Clark's solo record "Pawnshop Guitars". In 1996 Matt joined the supergroup The Neurotic Outsiders along with Duff, Sid Vicious (Sex Pistols) and John Taylor (Duran Duran) and released their debut album. In 1997 Matt left GnR due to the inactivity regarding the band on the matters of recording and touring. He has recorded with a number of albums for other artists and also performed with them.

Boston native Mangini has recorded with the heavy metal band Annihilator on the "Set The World On Fire" album and toured with them in 1993. He was friends with the members of Boston band Extreme and so when their drummer Paul Geary left during the recording of the band's fourth album "Waiting For The Punchline", Mike stepped in and played on 3 tracks. As a member of Extreme Mangini toured throughout 1995-96, reaching 15 countries. After Extreme split up, he contributed to two tracks on Nuno Bettencourt's debut solo album "Schizophonic" and later joined up to tour with Steve Vai. Mike played on 3 tracks each from Vai's "Fire Garden" (1996) & "Ultra Zone" (1999) and on Vai's 3 solo songs on the "G3 Live" album, and toured extensively with the guitarist. His association with Vai introduced him to former Frank Zappa guitarist Mike Keneally, and Mangini also recorded a song on Keneally's "Sluggo!" LP. His other work includes playing drums on albums by Journey singer Steve Perry, Steve Lynch and country artist Agona Hardison, showing the music world that he can play many styles of music and fit right in.

Rod started out with the Dixie Dregs (later for a while just The Dregs), a band that included fellow University of Miami students Steve Morse, Andy West & Allen Sloan. The band mixed rock, jazz, bluegrass, folk and classical influences and put out many ground breaking and critically acclaimed albums. Winner of 'Best Progressive Drummer' (5 years in a row) and "Best Overall Drummer', Rod has also won a few Grammy nominations with the band, considered one of the most important and most technically advanced intrumental bands ever. Following a temporary break, Rod joined with the Steve Morse Band and recorded two albums and played in tours. Later in 1986 he from Atlanta to New York City and met up with bassist cum singer Kip Winger and guitarist Reb Beach and formed highly successful band Winger. They put out the platinum selling albums "Winger" and "In The Heart Of The Young" and the critically acclaimed "Pull" after which the band split-up. Rod also played on Kip Winger's two solo albums. He has also formed the instrumental duo Rudess/Morgenstein Project with keyboard player Jordan Rudess and put out two excellent LPs and is part of three more progressive instrumental bands formed with his musician friends - Jazz is Dead, Platypus and Jelly Jam.

In case you don't know anything about Steve Ferrone, just take a look at the list of who he has played with. His fantastic drumming can be heard on either records or on tour at one time or another with Eric Clapton, Duran Duran, Tom Petty, Jeffrey Osbourne, Christine McVie (Fleetwood Mac keyboardist/singer), Al Jarreau, Aretha Franklin, Bette Middler, Brian Ferry, Chaka Kahn, David Sanborn, George Benson, George Harrison, Johnny Cash, Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger, Peter Frampton, Roberta Flack, ,Steve Winwood, B-52's, The Temptations and Pat Metheny (whew!) Which means, not only can he play any kinda music with just about any kind of artist, you would have to live on another planet in order to have not heard his playing! His style has been based on the groove tradition instead of just bashing away loudly. And when he is not supporting these artists on their work, the New York dwelling Ferrone plays with his ground breaking band - The Average White Band. In 1997, Steve temporarily replaced Joey Krammer as the drummer for Aerosmith, while the latter took a lengthy break from the music world. Ferrone actually recorded some songs that were to make up the album "Nine Lives", but when Krammer returned back to the band, those songs were rerecorded with drumming by Krammer. Steve endorses and exclusively uses Pearl drums and Sabian cymbals.

Tommy Aldridge has played with a vast range of artists. He is most famous for being the drummer for Whitesnake and has played on many albums, hits singles and music videos of the band. Whitesnake being a band that has had numerous lineup changes, with musicians coming in for an album and tour and then leaving, and that gave Tommy oppurtunites to make many friends on whose solo records he would later contribute. He played on records with Rudy Sarzo, Jake E. Lee, Bob Daisley & Don Airey. Aldridge has also played with Gary Moore, Ozzy Osbourne & Randy Rhodes, Pat Thrall, Max Norman and House of Lords. He is the definitive hard rock/metal drummer supporting his band or the artist he is playing with.

Hailing from The Bronx, New York, Calhoun graduate from the prestigious Berklee School Of Music. His drumming can be heard on Living Color's three critically acclaimed albums - "Vivid", "Time's Up" and "Stain" and won two grammies with the band for Best Hard Rock Performance. Since Living Color split up, he has also worked with Jaco Pastorious, Harry Belafonte, B.B. King, Marcus Miller ("The Sun Don't Lie"), Wayne Shorter's (Grammy winning recording "High Life"), David Torn, bass legend T.M. Stevens, Carly Simon, and guitarist Ronnie Wood (Rolling Stones). He was voted 'Best New Drummer' (1988), 'Best Progressive Drummer' (1989, 1991,1992) by readers of Mordern Drummer magazine and 'Best Drummer' (1990) in Roling Stone magazine. He has two solo records "Housework" & "Drum Wave', as well as albums with his sidebands Junglefunk -along with Doug Wimbish & Vinx (who can be heard on the debut album of the same name), Head Fake (with Wimbish and singer Corey Glover) and the band Mos Def (Calhoun, Wimbish, Bernie Worell & Doc Know). He has also played on bass player Doug Wimbish's solo CDs. Also Living Color is back together once again.

All pics compiled from Drummer World's website. Drummer's background complied from web and magazine articles, Drummer World's website.